Authorized representative


In accordance with the Directive and Czech implementation as well we differentiate two types of producers with obligation to authorize the „representative“ in country of sales. We are offering services for both types of producers.

  1. Foreign producer with direct distance sales in the Czech republic (Mandatory)

    Together with implementation of WEEE2 Directive into Czech legislation the role of Authorized representative became mandatory for all foreign producers without local entity in the country of sale. This legal obligation is mandatory for all foreign producers of EEE* with distance sales in the Czech republic. EEE* - In accordance with scope of Electric and electronic equipment.

  2. Foreign producer assuming legal obligation instead of distributors in the Czech republic (Voluntary)

    Designed for producers who sell electric and electronic devices via distributors to consumers in one or more European countries and assumes legal obligation instead of them. This option is voluntary for foreign producers. In this solution a foreign producers assumes all legal and financial responsibilities based on a direct contract with AR EUROPE and authorized compliance schemes directly.

  3. Multi-country solution

    In cases where manufacturers or producers in both the above variants are selling their products to more countries, then the administration can become more challenging especially because of the different way of reporting. Therefore we offer to producer unique solution with integration of central reporting point for whole Europe. We provide this service in cooperation with our partner company WEEE Europe.