Contracts with all authorized service providers

In accordance with the legislative and technical harmonization within the EU countries there is a free movement of goods allowed either in the field of the distribution chain or in the area of distance sales. Furthermore, there is no need to establish own registered company in every country where you plan to sell your products. In order to always ensure full compliance with legal and technical requirements for the marketing of products in all member states together with identification of the manufacturer or importer the role of the authorized representative has been defined by WEEE Directive. Currently, the role of the authorized representative is primarily intended to ensure the fulfillment of obligations in the field of WEEE.


Nevertheless, manufacturers and importers have in the marketing of products on the market more obligations related to compliance with technical and legislative requirements that are necessary to ensure in the country where they are selling products. In addition to securing the obligations under the WEEE directive, there are further requirements for batteries, packaging and royalties.

As in other countries coexist in the Czech Republic more companies which provides services based on licenses in the designated areas. We are aware t is not always easy to have a clear overview in a targeted market environment in order to select obligations to ensure the right partner. AR EUROPE will ensure the fulfillment of your legal obligations and secure contracts with the relevant licensed companies in all required areas. And even in areas where the authorized agent is not required by law.


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