Coverage / Compliance

Manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment have legislative responsibilities in more areas. Not just for WEEE only. When placing their products, batteries and packaging on the market, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the technical and legislative requirements and also for those areas ensure obligations related to their take-back and its financing.

Further responsibilities include the fulfillment of obligations in the field of copyright and royalties payments with the respective products.

Our company AR EUROPE will assists you in your duties and also when contracting with the relevant authorized companies in all areas of your responsibilities.

All this will be ensured on the basis of the analysis of your requirements and subsequent analysis.

  • Finding all information about products of manufacturer / importer and the method of sale in CZ
  • Analysis and recommendation of the best solution including the necessary supporting documents
  • Consultation with the manufacturer / importer
  • Securing contracts

The result of the professional approach and the fulfillment of tasks by AR EUROPE will make your business on the market in the Czech Republic in accordance with all applicable regulations and cost effective. Of course, in all areas of legal obligations:

  • WEEE
  • Batteries
  • Packaging
  • Copyright&Royalty